Friday, December 17, 2010

The question of all questions

I was driving home from college today for winter break and my driving partner/ friend Anthony and I were talking about our favorite music and bands. That question seems so simple but for me it was beyond difficult to answer. I love music. I listen to music about 85% of the day. I walk into class wearing an ipod, I put the ipod back in my ears as soon as the class ends. When I get home from class I turn on the music on my computer and it remains on until I get into bed for the night. I listen to music while I run, walk, eat...sometimes while I sleep. It's an obsession. So after being asked the impossible question of "who is your favorite band?" I began thinking of this question and found this impossible. Thus, I've narrowed it down to my favorite songs. I was thinking about the celebrity playlists featured on itunes where celebrities choose songs and discuss why they chose them. So, I figured I would do the same. So here is your playlist of my all time favorite songs for different reasons. They may not be the greatest songs of all time. However, they are songs with great personal meaning to me. 
1)       Sweet Disposition -The Temper Trap. This song just makes me want to be on the beach in California drinking beer and watching the sunset. Every time I listen to it, I swear my day gets better and the world looks more beautiful.
2)       Polly-Nirvana. My mom loves Nirvana. It was not MTV, but my mother who taught me who Kurt Cobain was. Out of all their songs, this is my favorite. I know this isn’t really a happy song but the talent that Kurt Cobain had is just insane. I could listen to Nirvana 24 hours a day if I had to.
3)       Taylor- Jack Johnson. I remember when we were younger and this song came out and loving it because he was talking about a girl named Taylor and at the time I was the only girl Taylor I knew. Of course now I realize that it’s about a prostitute. But I still love it.
4)       Wanna be startin’ somethin’- Michael Jackson. I don’t really love Michael Jackson but this song makes me smile. My family went on vacation 2 years ago to California and we were pretty bored one night in a cabin at Lake Tahoe. My dad turned this song on and began dancing around (and he can’t dance). Needless to say, the image of my dad "churning butter" (his signature dance move) and singing the words, “you’re a vegetable” are forever burned into my memory. 
5)       Glycerine- Bush. This song makes me instantly think of my 4 best friends from high school. We were freshman in high school and on the beach in South Carolina at like 3 am and this song came on the radio and I just remember everyone being silent and just laying there and really listening to it.
6)       Silver Springs- Fleetwood Mac. This song reminds me of my mom and my friend Sarah Lozano. They both love Fleetwood Mac. This song kills me every time. It’s so beautiful but sad. I think it’s the combination of Stevie Nicks voice & the lyrics that just make me tear up every time. I’m not that crazy though, Sarah says she cries too.
7)       Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley. Legend by Bob Marley was my first ever CD. Plus, my favorite sound in the whole world is steel drums, so reggae is right up my alley.
8)       Stand by me- Ben E. King. Does anyone not like this song? I can’t even remember where I first heard it but I love it. Plus after I saw the movie Stand by Me with River Phoenix, I was even more sold on the song. Friends are for life.
9)       I walk the Line- Johnny Cash. I love Johnny Cash. He just has a sound that no one else can emulate. I love this song because of the lyrics. I think they’re so true for everyone. You walk such a thin line between doing what’s right and wrong and I think it’s human nature to push it but you can so easily go too far and end up hurting yourself or the people you love. So I think you really try to stay on that line for the people you care about.  
10)   The weight of the world- The Editors. To me, Tom Smith’s voice is so haunting and he’s only 29.  I just love this song. It always makes me feel good and at peace.
11)   Lie in our graves- Dave Matthews. My dad is obsessed with Dave Matthews so I’ve heard it 24/7 for as long as I can remember. But this song sticks out the most. I remember being a little kid and dancing around our beach house while my dad played this in his childhood bedroom. All of my memories seem to be me dancing around...not much has changed.
12)   Untitled- O.A.R. I first heard this in 7th grade on the bus going to a field trip. It’s still my favorite of theirs.
13)   Scenic World- Beirut. I love the folk-y sound and that there are only 2 verses of lyrics but in those 2 verses they say so much. A simple band. Perfection. 
14)   Peace Train- Cat Stevens. That hippie in me just wants everyone to get along. I was actually listening to this the other day and thinking about why there has to be war and hate and evil in the world. I tried to imagine the world without it. This song just gives me hope. I think about all of the past things that we have overcome and that we can continue to overcome. 
15)   Colorblind- Counting Crows. I think all of my friends from high school would say this song reminds them of me. It was literally on every CD in my car, I learned to play it on the piano, it was just an obsession.
16)   Roll away your stone- Mumford & Sons. Another amazing folk band. I love bands that have actual musical talent and keep their music simple. I love everything about this song from the lyrics to the instrumentals. It’s great.
17)   Girl from North Country- Lions. Even though I love Johnny Cash’s original, I love this version more. Except it’s kinda cool to listen to both versions back to back, which leads me to my next recommendation...
18)   Girl from North Country- Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan.  I think that in this version you get more of the meaning behind the song because their voices sound so much more sentimental about this girl that they remember from their youth. You can decide your favorite for yourself. 
19)   Collie Man- Slightly Stoopid. I love this song because a good friend told me about it. It always reminds me of them and that's pretty cool when a song can remind you of a specific person. The song and the friend will stick with you forever.