Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battle of the Pretty Boys

Tomorrow night, the New England Patriots play the New York Jets for the second time this season. If you don't know where I stand, then you obviously haven't been reading my blog. I'm a total Patriots fan! Besides Jets QB Mark Sanchez being nice to look at, I severely dislike the Jets. I'm sure this sentence is breaking many hearts of my friends & family, but oh well. I find the Jets over glorified. I specifically find no likeability's in Coach Rex Ryan's obnoxiously loud and crude behavior. But when it comes down to it, Sports aren't about behavior, sports are about the game and who has what it takes to win! 

Both of these teams are able to pull out the win tomorrow night. The Jets currently have a 9-2 record. The Jets defeated the Pats earlier in the season 28-14. Both teams also carry big punches in terms of quarterbacks. The Jets have Mark Sanchez who has shown great promise in only his second year in the NFL. However, Sanchez's youth and inexperience also calls for many mistakes both on and off the field. In an interview on December 5th, Mark talked about the upcoming game stating, "we're two of the biggest teams in the Big East...I mean AFC East." It's not such a good sign when your own QB doesn't even know what conference he's playing in. Secondly, Sanchez is coming off a bad game against Cincinnati on Thanksgiving with only 166 yards, one touchdown and one interception. On the other hand, we have Patriots QB Tom Brady (sigh). Brady is far more experienced than Sanchez but many argue that he is becoming tired after years of holding the Patriots up, countless injuries and surgery. Yet I have faith in Tom. In fact, Mark Sanchez has led a win 2/3 times against Brady.

Both teams have a fight ahead of them tomorrow night. I wish I could say I have more confidence but I really think it's any man's game.  

Bring it on New York!