Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Do It

Resolutions. Many of us hear this word, think of the proclamations we made on New Years Day, realize we never even began taking the baby steps towards achieving those resolutions, and throw our hands up in the air stating, "there's always next year." But really, how many times have you professed you are going to do something but still have yet to do it? The answer for most of us is probably too high to count. "I will: lose weight, volunteer, learn to ski, have kids, go camping" etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on, but many of us will never cross these ambitions off our to-do lists. And why not? Why do we all put off life as though it is never ending?

Obviously, we all have regrets. I regret certain things I did or did not say, things I did/ did not do, my actions in certain situations. And I shouldn't even call those regrets, but more so lessons. I have grown up and learned that some things about me needed to change, and that it's much easier to learn change in your youth than in adulthood. The regrets or "lessons" in your life should not continuously bog you down in your past, or hold you back from your future. Instead, you should truly try to take these misgivings from your past, keep them in your mind as a point of reference, and move forward. The only way to get over your past is to live in your present.

A group of my guy friends recently embarked on a month long cross country road trip. They packed up their 1980's Station Wagon, affectionately called, "the blueberry", and headed for California. Their trip is obviously a once in a lifetime experience that many probably talk about, but few actually achieve. I think it's such an incredible feat that the boys realized that if they st around talking about this plan for too long, it would never happen. They saw a moment of opportunity and ceased it while they had the chance. So boys, enjoy the memories you are making, and be proud of yourselves, because many people look back with regret on their youth. This road trip will make one less notch on your regret belt.

Last summer, my friend Sarah & I made bucket lists together that included everything we hope to do/see/achieve before it's too late. Our lists varied as Sarah's included things like, get another tattoo, whereas my aspirations could be called slightly less bold. Nonetheless, the great part about bucket lists is that they can be achieved and are not set in stone. If one day I decide to swim with sharks, I can add that to the list (strictly hypothetical). Our bucket lists are for
us. We don't care what anyone else has to say about them or if our goals seem stupid. They are our aspirations to give us the extra incentive to really get out there & take advantage of what life has to offer. Obviously life happens every day, and sometimes fate drops wonderment into your lap. However, to look back without regret, you have to stop waiting around. You shouldn't wait for your life to start, because it already has. You have the key to making your life as positive or negative as you'd like it to be. And sure, no one can walk around happy all the time, unless they up their xanax prescription to lethal (or Stepford) doses. But you have to remember, that life is for the living. So hopefully after reading this, you will go out and make a bucket list to achieve the dozens of resolutions you once made but have never kept. Because how many times should you profess goals and never follow through? Hopefully, this answer is never. Life is all about taking chances so get out there: do what you want, and say what you feel. You don't want to wait until it's too late.