Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I'm Loving This Week

1) The MTV movie awards. The 2010 MTV movie awards was filled with great things. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Aziz Ansari hosting. Ansari showed off his comedic talents in both stand-up and skit throughout the night. One of my favorite skits of the night included "The Hangovers" Zach Galifianakis being taught "swagger" by Ansari (aka Tavon). Check out the skit here
  • Sandra Bullock. America's most rooted for celebrity of the moment, Sandra Bullock accepted the nights Generation Award and did so with as much grace and humility as ever. Always the good sport, Bullock addressed various rumors joking, "One, I'm not dead. Two, everyone has cellulite, not just me." Jesse James- you can do as many crying and apologetic interviews as you want, but we all know Bullock has won this battle.
  • Tom Cruise. It seems Cruise has finally redeemed himself after years of living in Crazyville. Cruise did various commercials and skits for the award show as film Producer 'Les Grossman.' However full redemption didn't occur until he hopped on the stage and completed a dance number next to Jennifer Lopez.

2) The Real Housewives of New York City finale. Where do I even begin? This season has been my favorite by far. From Ramona's crazy eyes on the catwalk, to Kelly's overall psychotic antics which reached new heights on Ramona's "bachelorette cruise." The highlight for me of this season was Jill Zarin, which I hate saying because she's egotistical enough as it is. But, oh well . All season Jill has ripped Bethenny to shreds for getting her own life (fiance, baby, new boobs). So, Jill has teamed up with Luann (not calling you countess) to act like 15 year old schoolgirls gossiping about everyone. I thought that Jill was finally stepping up to be the bigger person when she called Bethenny to apologize. However, this "apology" was nothing more than Jill being defensive and in denial about any of her actions this season. Bethenny seemed less than amused and due to the fact that Jill was not in attendance at Bethennys wedding, and tweeted that Bethenny gave birth to a baby boy rather than girl, I think it's safe to say there has been no reconciliation. To have all of this seasons questions answered, make sure to watch the reunion show this Thursday on Bravo.

On a more serious note...
3) The Confession of Joran Van Der Sloot. On Monday, Van Der Sloot confessed to murdering Stepahany Flores, 21 in Peru. In 2005 Van Der Sloot was arrested and charged with the disappearance and murder of Natalee Halloway. However, there was never enough evidence and he was released. I am overjoyed to hear of this news and to know that Natalee's mother who fought so hard to have Van Der Sloot convicted may finally get her wish. I am even happier to know that one less criminal is out there. It just goes to show you, never give up believing because good will always prevail over evil.