Tuesday, September 14, 2010

VMA Wrap- Up

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards happened on Sunday night and here are some of the shows highlights & low lights:

1) Taylor Swift/ Kanye West. As most people remember, last year Kanye became infamous for interrupting Swift's acceptance speech and stating that Beyonce should have worn the award (nice guy, I know). In case anyone had forgotten this ass-tastic moment, Swift made sure you didn't. She came out onto the stage to perform a song pointed at West, and even began the number with a video of last years debacle. Swift of course always keeps it classy and shed a light on forgiveness by singing, "everyone of us has messed up, too ... I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new." West later took the stage for the closing number and sang words that mocked his terrible behavior from last year. One line stated, " let's have a toast to scumbags." Well, you certainly are that Kanye. If only this Taylor could be as forgiving of Kanye's antics as Miss Swift.And though I think it's amazing that Taylor really stood up for herself, I don't think Kanye should be given any more air time. Does he always have to steal Taylors thunder?

2) Florence and the Machine. I absolutely love this girl so when I heard she was performing at the VMA's, I was more than ecstatic.I was even happier when her performance killed it. She could actually sing live and put on a show to go along with the music. If you haven't heard of her, I would highly recommend the music. The hit she performed is called The Dog Days are Over. However, I'm not calling you a Liar, Cosmic Love, & Blinding are some of my favorites.

3) Chelsea Handler. I was so disappointed in Chelsea. Usually, I'm a huge fan of her. I watch her talk show every night on the E network, and find her hilarious. However, Chelsea never seemed to find her footing on Sunday night as most of her jokes fell flat. And though I can't imagine how difficult it must be to host a show, I really thought Chelsea could have pulled it off.

4) Lindsay Lohan. All I can say is the words "too soon" come to mind. Lohan performed a skit with Handler during the opening act in which she (Lohan) tells Handler how no one wants to work with a drunk and that she knows from experience. Now Lindsay, you've been out of rehab for about an hour. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves now. Yet maybe I'm wrong and fifth times the charm.