Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

We all make mistakes. It's a part of life. However some mistakes will follow you for longer than others. No one knows this fact better at the moment than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay fell off track awhile ago and I can't blame her entirely- Dina & Michael Lohan could easily compete for the worst parents of the century award. However, she is now 24 years old, and there comes a time in everyone's life where you grow up & need to learn responsibility.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, Lindsay Lohan has been wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol ever since her DUI arrest. One would think that wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet would calm the girl down a bit, but not Lindsay. She's been wearing her SCRAM bracelet around town like it's a Chanel anklet and hitting up all her favorite clubs. Well, the judge finally had it with this girl, and has sentenced Lindsay to serve 90 days in jail and a following 90 day in rehab (which personally I think is great for her).

Yesterday in court Lindsay was crying and pleading her case to the judge stating, "I'm not taking this as a joke, it's my life and career. I don't want you to think I don't respect you and your terms." Besides not knowing what underwear are, Lindsay apparently has no idea of the word respect either. Lohan Pulled a no-show at a mandatory progress review hearing in May. Then, she was fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet and two weeks later, the SCRAM bracelet was set off.

Mother of the year Dina Lohan stated, "This is so not fair to do this to my child." No Dina, you know what's not fair? Your daughter drinking and driving and endangering herself and the lives of others on the road. Your daughter thinking that because she is a celebrity she is above the law. Your daughter being an unfortunate role model for other young women.

I understand that Lindsay is 24 and wants to drink and have fun like everyone else. However drinking and driving is reckless and displays her immaturity. I hope that Lindsay will learn more than Paris Hilton did from her stint in Jail, and will turn her life around. 24 is far too young to hit rock bottom without rebounding.

Oh and a little sidenote:
Yesterday at her court hearing, Lindsay had the words "F--- you" painted on her fingernails. And no, it was not censored.