Monday, June 28, 2010

I enjoy being a girl...

...Well, for the most part.

Don't get me wrong, I do love being a girl. I love wearing dresses, reading bridal magazines, and being feminine. I love how women are chameleons and can transform themselves from cute to sexy, flirty to strong, and feminine to tom-boy. However being a woman is hard. In my opinion, much harder than being man. The standards set for women are nearly impossible. We have to be in shape, perfectly polished, waxed, dyed, wrinkle free, blemish free, and maintain the glamor of Marilyn Monroe with the happiness of June Clever whilst running errands, exercising, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Unfairly we also have to keep up with all the current trends. This can be increadibly expensive and irritating since trends change faster than Kate Hudson's boyfriends. So to help you stay trendy without going overboard, I wanted to give you some suggestions of things worth purchasing.

1) A good denim jacket. I have always loved denim jackets. I was always stealing my moms when I was younger, and now I have my own. My denim jacket is fitted so that it looks more like a denim shirt. I always role up the sleeves and wear it over dresses or pair it with a pair of shorts. It's a great way to look trendy and casual and will never go out of style. My only word of advice: don't wear denim on denim. This look is back in style, but you know what I think; if something once was called a fashion don't, DON'T go back to it.
2) An over-sized watch. I think every woman looks trendy, cool, and confident when they wear big statement pieces. However over-sized rings will come and go, but a great watch is forever. It can really bring a simple look together.
3) A little black dress. This one is obvious, but so true. Everyone looks great in black. It's flattering and classic. If you want to update your black dress, try a floor length maxi dress. These are super comfortable (especially if traveling), but will keep you looking sophisticated.
4) A pair of beige/ skin toned heels. Every woman needs a good pair of heels, and even more than black, I am a big believer in beige. Beige heels will look great with anything in every color. A bonus: wearing skin toned shoes look like an extension of your legs and will make your stems appear thinner and longer.
5) Over-sized Sunglasses. You don't have to go all out Jackie-O, but a good pair of big sunglasses will always be in style. Find the right pair for your face shape, and I suggest sticking with a brown or tortoise shell rim because they will go with everything.
6) Nail Polish. This one is easiest and cheapest because you can buy nail polish at every drug store. I love changing polish with the seasons. I suggest owing a good black, red, and beige polish. However, for this summer, try out: aqua, purple, and light blue. This seasons nails are all about the pastels and are a great way for you to stay trendy and stylish without blowing your budget.

My number one rule is to wear what looks good on you. This means not always listening to the fashion mags because not everyone looks good in a floral romper or boyfriend jeans. Instead, by going with what looks good on you, you will feel comfortable, and ultimately look better. Someone who is uncomfortable, even in the most fashionable outfit will not carry it well. It is important to stick to what you feel and look good in. Trust me, by doing so, people will love your outfit- even if it's 5 years old.