Thursday, June 17, 2010

Everybody has their quirks.

If you have ever taken part in the art of people watching, you have surely witnessed some of the most bizarre actions of others. You are left in a state of shock thinking, "I can't believe that person just ____(fill in the blank)." Well, if you really stop and think about it- we all have our quirks. Those little habits, sayings, & gestures that subconsciously become apart of our lives. They may seem strange, but they also lend a hand in creating individuality.

Here are some of my quirks:

  • I love the show Supernanny. I have no idea why, because it completely terrifies me of ever having children. But there is something so fascinating about kids throwing tempter tantrums while their parents cry in the corner.
  • I prefer day old room temperature pizza, to hot, fresh pizza. For me, something about the pizza just tastes so much better after its been sitting on your counter all night and then re-heated. Mmm.
  • I only use white blistex chap stick. It's the only thing I find really works. So when I find it, I stock up. I'm sure the workers at Rite-Aid think I have issues.
  • I can only sit on the right side of classrooms. I have no idea why this is but something about the left side of the classroom makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I make to-do lists every week, no matter what. Summer vacation weeks can be extremely void and say things like, Monday: run on the treadmill, Tuesday: paint my nails. It sounds stupid but without them every week, I get anxiety that I am forgetting to do something.
  • I can't start driving until I find a song that I like. Whether it's on a CD, or the radio, my car will not move until something good is playing.
  • I love grocery shopping. Even if I have nothing to buy, I just love going and seeing all of the new produce & yummy stuff around the store.
  • If I wear a watch, or bracelet, I will only wear it on my right wrist even though I'm right handed.
  • If eating ice cream with a spoon, I turn the spoon upside down for each and every bite.
  • I take food apart. This means that sandwiches, bagels, muffins, pizza, everything is pulled and broken apart. It's extremely messy so I really have to refrain when out to eat and especially when on a date. I just can't help it though. I hate having to take big bites.
So those are some of my quirks. Feel free to share if you have any, and remember to keep being the weirdo that you are! :)