Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't feel guilty about....

  1. Preferring the movie to the book (actually getting to look at Robert Pattinson, Ryan Goslin, & Channing Tatum is much better than words on paper).
  2. Ordering off the kids menu. Sometimes all you need is mac & cheese.
  3. Staying in your pajamas all day. It makes for less laundry.
  4. Not jumping on the vegetarian bandwagon. Although I respect their choices, sometimes a girls just gotta have a burger!
  5. Saying No. If your gut reaction is to decline, than go with it. (Just try to be as polite as possible when doing so).
  6. Wearing Uggs. Sure, they may be the ugliest boots on the planet, but they sure are comfy.
  7. Getting most of your news from: Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine & Perez Hilton. They're reliable sources, right?