Sunday, March 27, 2011

In The Juice

I feel ya, dude 

Everyone enjoys a night out. It starts out innocently with a beer to loosen your mood and all of a sudden you find yourself taking shots with randoms and dancing on the bar. The next morning is not going to feel good. I advise you to not even try looking in the mirror as you may scare yourself. Here are some tips I have to cure a hangover:

Eggs. These babies contain an amino acid called cysteine which counter-balances the toxic produced in your body when alcohol metabolizes. 

Gatorade. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Instead of sticking with plain old water to re-hydrate, try a sports drink like Gatorade. They're filled with electrolytes, sugars, and minerals that your body loses while drinking alcohol.

Bananas. This fruit works similarly to pepto-bismol and other antacids. They will help calm an upset stomach. Bananas also contain high potassium levels which your body loses from alcohol. 

Ginger. The best trick to curing an upset stomach. It comes in the form of crystallized or hard candies. My mother's oldest secret.

Fruit/Vegetable Juice. It will re-hydrate and provide your body with essential vitamins and nutrients you've lost during the night. I usually go with tomato, as the added salt is also known to calm an upset stomach. 

**The best advice I can give is to make sure to eat before going out and DO NOT mix alcohol. Nothing says "I love having my head in a toilet" like mixing drinks. Stick to one form of alcohol the entire night. Trust me, the saying "liquor before beer, you're in the clear" is a lie!