Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Final Rose Fail

Last night, 2nd time around Bachelor Brad Womack proposed to sweet little Emily Maynard in South Africa. Everything seemed to be perfect (as it usually does) but on the "After the Final Rose" show we learned that our newly-engaged couple was having trouble stepping back into the real world after only knowing each other for 6 weeks and courting one another on a perpetual vacation. Emily is a widow and mother to a 5 year old daughter. I was rooting for her to win, but after last night, I really don't know what I think of the girl. Firstly, Emily voiced serious concerns about the footage she saw of Brad with the other women on the show. Emily feels that if Brad really cared for her, he wouldn't have been sticking his tongue in everyone else's mouth. But Emily, haven't you seen the other seasons of the Bachelor? Don't you know getting into an STD filled hot tub is just par for the course? However, Emily's jealousy isn't the only issue.We also found out that both Emily and Brad have tempers and have already had "knock down, drag out fights." That's great after only dating for 6 weeks...Lastly, Chris Harrison revealed that Brad and Emily's wedding date was actually supposed to be last night (coincidence?) but Emily postponed the nuptials at the last minute. Luckily,the Bachelor producers brought back the three successful couples from the show. That means 3 couples have made it out of 21 seasons. The odds are stacked against them, but I'll be rooting for them. After all, everyone deserves love, or at least a wedding fully paid for by ABC.